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Sign In. Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Stranger in Their Midst. Rutgers University. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Article PDF first page preview. He also begins the chapter on integration by citing riots in communities with large immigrant populations in Oldham, Paris, Sydney and Stockholm. It does not occur to him to discuss how institutional or structural racism prevent immigrants from integrating. This assumption treats anti-immigrant prejudice as an inevitable reaction to immigration, rather than seeing attitudes as shaped by state policies and by anti-immigrant rhetoric promoted by some politicians and journalists.

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It is hard to see why a realist approach cannot also insist that prejudice which is not confined to the working and middle classes should be vigorously resisted when it is based on false claims and xenophobic propaganda. Except in the case of refugees, an argument for or against exclusion comes down to how we weigh the interests of communities that wish to restrict migration against those of potential migrants.

Notably, these economic, cultural and environmental burdens are all amenable to social scientific study — if these perceived burdens turn out to be largely illusory, the case for restriction is greatly weakened.

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Furthermore, his surprising decision in the book to ignore economic arguments for free movement deprives advocates of more open borders of some of their most compelling arguments Moreover, people who defend border controls are not simply distributing benefits and burdens by regulating immigration flows. They are advocating the use of force to prevent people from coming, a point eloquently developed by Arash Abizadeh , among others. Miller argues that border controls are not coercive on the grounds that they merely prevent immigrants from doing something they would like A major reason they take these extraordinary risks is that Europe has closed off legal routes for lodging claims to asylum.

Increasingly, states are detaining immigrants , often in abusive and squalid conditions. Those who believe that current migration regimes are basically just — in principle, if perhaps often not in practice — will welcome Strangers in Our Midst as a cogent defence of their convictions. Sadly, it will also confirm their prejudices. Read more by Alex Sager. How this person became so established in the field is utterly beyond me, though.

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More filters. Sort order. Jan 19, Margaret Dillon rated it really liked it. I chose this book because I loved the author's "Matchmaker of Kenmare". This is a tale of innocence and predatory evil.


Dennis Sykes is brilliant, charming and utterly destructive. Reacting to the abandonment by his mother, who has brought him up to observe and profit from women, Dennis sets out to avenge himself by wooing and then abandoning as many women as he can. Meanwhile Grace and Helena Kane are being raised in strictest innocence, and both fall prey to Dennis when he enters their lives a I chose this book because I loved the author's "Matchmaker of Kenmare".

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  • Meanwhile Grace and Helena Kane are being raised in strictest innocence, and both fall prey to Dennis when he enters their lives as the engineer who will bring electricity to their village by flooding the girls' Eden-like valley refuge. The struggle that ensues between Dennis and Grace, who alone opposes him, makes for great tension.

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    Dennis seems to have won the battle but in the end Grace has the last word in a dramatic denoument. May 01, Diane Meier rated it it was amazing. A great family drama - but the part that I most loved was the behind the scenes story about bringing electricity to Ireland. Most of us forget that much of rural Ireland operated without running water and without electricity until after the Second World War.

    Frank did his school lessons by light from a kerosene lantern.


    As he said to me once, Think Persia. This book brings it all home, as we see a country move toward the 20th Century. Jul 04, Arwen rated it liked it Shelves: miscellaneous-reading. Dennis Sykes is one of the most loathsome and repugnant characters I have ever encountered! I was just dying for him to get his come-uppance. Did he? That would be a spoiler! Very good book, well written and the characters really well drawn. Amanda rated it liked it May 28, Susan Mcglynn rated it really liked it Sep 17, Barry Worth rated it really liked it May 12, Maggie rated it it was amazing May 18, PFG rated it really liked it Sep 01, Michelle Cotter rated it really liked it Jan 12, Diane rated it really liked it Jan 17,