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If you are traveling with family or friends, you are also eligible for a Group eVisa. However, keep in mind that the maximum stay with a Group eVisa is 15 days. When you visit Shanghai, make sure to explore the historical parts of the city.

China’s modern cities: Shanghai and Hong Kong

If you plan to visit Shanghai, remember that China has a pretty stringent policy when it comes to internet censorship with many sites that westerners commonly use to communicate blocked by the government. There are a number of VPNs that can be used in China and what they do is allow you to connect to a server elsewhere in the world to bypass geoblocks and governmental censorship. The best VPN for China is often considered to be ExpressVPN which many review sites and experts advise to use, due to be it being specially designed to use on the country.

Another way to talk with family and friends is WeChat called Weixin in China. You can download it before you visit Shanghai and ask your friends back home to get it too. No matter where you are in the world, knowing the local tipping culture is essential. The language barrier can be a real problem in the city so, if you visit Shanghai, being prepared ahead of your arrival will be a real lifesaver. Many people advise writing down stations and places you wish to visit ahead of leaving your hotel, so if you do get lost you can ask for help by pointing to a bit of paper or looking out for signs.

However, with technology in so good, there are plenty of translation apps you can download these days. Waygo is a good app for translating the written word in restaurants and even street signs, while of course Google Translate is always a good option, although you will likely also need a VPN to access it. Street food is a safe bet if you want something local. But thousands died in grand projects and military expansion into Korea and it was the suffering inflicted by the regime that led to its demise.


Yang Di was assassinated and a military revolt was led by none other than his cousin, General Li Yuan. Despite the consolidation of the Sui, the re-unification of north and south was by no means inevitable. China's reconsolidation and the resultant advances in agriculture, the arts and trade grounded the concept of a united kingdom as an ideal and marked the Tang as China's most glorious dynasty. Territorial expansion also played a key part in the Tang's success and ultimately, its failure.

At its greatest, Chinese influence expanded from Korea to Persia.

My Apartment in Pudong, Shanghai, China! - Don's Travel Snippets - Don's ESL Adventure!

The name of the imperial capital, Chang'an modern day Xi'an , means eternal peace and its million-strong population relished in the prosperity and new influences that this peace afforded. After the previous fractious periods of division, the calm and prosperity of a unified China provided a springboard for the arts, particularly painting, poetry and pottery.

Two of China's most famous poets to this day, Li Bai and Du Fu , wrote during the Tang and the world's first printed book was published in Pottery began to take on more color and glaze, and the tri-color techniques refined in the Tang are still in use today see Ceramics. Trade was fundamental to both economic success and the resultant thriving religious and artistic scene.

The Silk Road and the maritime ports of Guangzhou and Yangzhou brought, not only foreign goods, but outside ideas to the country. A tolerant attitude to foreigners allowed for a more cosmopolitan China; other religions such as Islam and Nestorianism established themselves, but neither prospered like Buddhism. As imperial patronage of Buddhism increased, it was represented in cave art, which reached its peak in the Tang, although much was later destroyed in periods of religious repression.

Thirty years into the dynasty, a power struggle for the throne led to the naming of Taizong's ninth son as Emperor Gaozong in Only 20 years old when he came to the throne and plagued by ill health, Gaozong's power was soon controlled by his consort and former concubine, Wu Zetian , who had managed to oust the empress and take her place. When Gaozong died, she continued to rule for their weak son. A shrewd and manipulative woman, Wu finally usurped the throne in AD, proclaiming the foundation of the Zhou dynasty in AD, and giving China its first empress.

Her relationship with Buddhism and with Buddhist priests has been questioned, but the royal carvings she commissioned at Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang are a testament to her short rule, which ended with her abdication in In , Xuanzong ascended to the throne and, although he is remembered as one of the Tang's greatest emperors and his reign began gloriously, as it progressed, power was eroded. There was a military defeat by the Arabs in , invasions from Tibet and finally a revolt led by the Turkish general An Lushan. Although the rebellion was crushed, the power of the state was considerably weakened and Xuanzong's rule ended in After Xuanzong, imperial control was further diluted by internal power struggles and several emperors were poisoned by court eunuchs.

Eunuchs continued to exert influence over court proceedings and a string of weak emperors allowed them to chip away at the imperial power base. It became clear that the dynasty had lost the Mandate of Heaven and, in , the last of the Tang emperors abdicated. In spite of a year hiatus from unified rule known as the Five Dynasties , advances made during the Tang had laid the way for economic development.

When Zhao Kuangyin Emperor Taizu re-united the country and founded the Song dynasty in , things quickly picked up from where the Tang had left off. Commerce flourished from the capital at Kaifeng and the great cities grew larger, while new ones sprung up all over the south. Agricultural and industrial success opened the doors for artistic developments and the Song is remembered as a time of great poetry, pottery and landscape painting — Su Dongpo see Poetry , one of China's greatest poets, lived during the Song.

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But art doesn't maintain empires and, in spite of the invention of gunpowder and the magnetic compass, the Song's failure to achieve military dominance resulted in the loss of their capital in to the Jurchen, a sinicized Manchurian tribe which founded its own dynasty, the Jin Forced to re-locate to Hangzhou and burdened by humiliating and considerable indemnity payments to their new neighbors, the dynasty became known as the Southern Song They blossomed culturally, but failed politically and militarily.

The Song dynasty certainly isn't known for its military leadership but Yue Fei , a young man who was instrumental in subduing rebel bands after the Song were forced south to Hangzhou, emerged as a great hero from this time. He campaigned against the Jurchen in the north but his efforts were nullified by a settlement that made the Southern Song vassals of the Jurchen Jin dynasty. Yue Fei was executed as a supposed traitor, but his determined patriotism won him a place in the hearts of the Chinese people; 20 years later he was recognized as a national hero and reburied in a grand tomb in Hangzhou.

This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Travel. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Eastern China is the country's boom-belt and its heart is the Pearl of the Orient, Shanghai, a city which was recently wonderfully described to me as "Hong Kong on steroids. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Special thanks to Tot Foster, Ewen Bell www. A Changing China As is always the case with the information in guidebooks, things change.

About the Author Simon Foster was born in England. Dedication I'd like to dedicate this book to my grandfather, Maurice, who traveled the globe with the merchant navy and always followed my world wanderings on his atlas at home in Newcastle in England.

Shanghai Surroundings Travel Adventures

Thanks Friends, old and new, from around the globe, have played their part in this book, and I want to say a great big thank you for all the time, effort, tips and tales. Introduction China, a country of superlatives, most populous of nations, hidden for so long, is now emerging onto the world travel scene. Tien'anmin Square However, many travelers' most enduring memory of this vast country is its people. Terracotta warriors, Xi'an China is such an enormous place with so much to offer that you could spend your whole life here and never see it all, especially since previously inaccessible areas are continually opening up to foreign visitors.

History Chinese history dates back a long, long time.

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Prehistory Chinese legend has it that the world was created by Panku and that the parasites living on his body became humans. YangshaoCulture BC Centered in what are now Shaanxi and Gansu provinces, Yangshao culture was probably a matriarchal society, although the official party line interprets it as a Communist community! Shang Dynasty BC The Shang dynasty followed the Xia and, although literacy was very limited, the first records of Chinese characters come from this time, marked onto oracle bones.

Zhou Dynasty BC The Zhou dynasty saw the country divided into many states, each of which was controlled by a family relative. This part of history was very fractured and uncertain, but from it emerged stabilizing elements that remain to this day, namely the thoughts and theories of wandering scholars like Confucius and Lao Zi , the creator of Taoism Qin Dynasty BC Throughout the Warring States Period, the state of Qin had been gradually acquiring more territory and power, and in BC, Qin Shi Huang brought the Qin Dynasty to power.

Han Dynasty BC AD The fact that the dominant ethnic group and the country's language still bear the name Han in the 21st century gives some insight into the power and legacy of the Han dynasty.

Three Kingdoms Period AD The demise of the Han left a fragmented China wrought with complex power struggles that would last almost four centuries. The canals of Suzhou The Tang Dynasty AD Despite the consolidation of the Sui, the re-unification of north and south was by no means inevitable. You can also visit the 19th-century Na Tcha Temple, which demonstrates traditional Chinese architecture. While in Macau, I definitely recommend trying some of the Portuguese food served in many of its restaurants.

I had a delicious Portuguese seafood rice dish, not dissimilar to paella, followed by a Portuguese egg tart, warm from the oven.

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You first walk through Shau Kei Wan wet market, where local people come to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat, among the cries of stallholders selling their wares. Your guide then leads you along the shady path, winding through woodland and bamboo groves filled with birdsong. You finally emerge onto open hillsides speckled with wildflowers such as azaleas and rose myrtle. The greenery that surrounds the ridge makes a welcome change from the glass and concrete of the city. I recommend eating here at least once during your stay. Choose from fresh sushi platters, bento boxes and udon noodle dishes, or opt for handmade pasta stuffed with lobster, braised Mediterranean octopus and creamy tiramisu.

In the day, you can make out each skyscraper across the glistening harbour, while at night the sky is ablaze with kaleidoscopic light radiating from the buildings.