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Once again, storytelling revealed its power to inform, to inspire and bring together a group of people focused on a common cause. Our shared dream is to build a network of conservation scientists who can successfully bridge the science-to-society gap by being strong communicators, leaders, and agents of change.

We not only want them to connect to their science in new ways, we want to them to connect to each other, so they can support each other in the inevitable ups and downs that come with tackling big challenges. The Wilburforce Fellows, with trainers and journalists, in Seattle. The scientists were chosen not just for the quality of their research, but also their leadership potential and dedication to using their science to improve conservation. The idea was to assemble a group of smart, dedicated people with a range of experiences, ages, home institutions and places they worked in the West.

It was a risk in some ways. Would such a diversity of scientists bond as a group? Each scientist came to the 6-day workshop in Seattle with a goal to pursue over the course of a year. See the change chart—a tool we developed to help them define their goal and begin to plan their actions.

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Why now? Why you? The next day, using the change chart, each Fellow shared their goal with the group, posted it on the wall for feedback, and then rolled up their sleeves to begin mapping out a plan of action. Barefoot Thinking , a talented duo from the United Kingdom, helped the fellows brainstorm and apply new strategic thinking tools to their individual theories of change.

The fellows worked in small groups offering each other feedback, suggestions, and connections. The workshop helped the scientists learn how to use new skills and share existing ones, such as social media savvy. Our social media expert Liz Neeley gave a dazzling overview of the power and potential of social media, whetting their appetites for more. They learned the importance of strategic planning, network building, simplifying complexity and delivering a clear message designed for different audiences and social contexts.

One evening, after two intensive days with the journalists thinking about their messages, the scientists gathered in a circle, and started telling their personal stories and why they cared. One after another the scientists revealed something about themselves and their work—and the real heart of the matter. Genette, Gerard. Palimpsests: Literature in the Second Degree. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, Jackson, John Brinckerhoff.

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    Durham: Duke University Press, Waldie, Donald J. Waldie: The Bard of Lakewood. Kids and Cities. Close to Home: An American Album. Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir. Lit Does It Exist?

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    Los Angeles Now. Phillip Rodriquez. Film transcript. PBS City Projects, LLA.

    Salon 21 Sept. Los Angeles: Angel City Press, Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass. London: Penguin, This text is under a Creative Commons license : Attribution-Noncommercial 2. European journal of American studies. Contents - Previous document - Next document.

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    Abstract This article uses the works of the writer, memoirist, and Lakewood, California public official, D. Outline 1. Full text PDF Send by e-mail. Pallasmaa 40 Every map is a fiction. Waldie, Holy 47 1. Kesey 3 Of course, as Beuka goes on to say, such extremes do not reflect accurately the actual experience of suburban life, which was as varied as those who lived there.

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    Lippard 36 5 However, as I shall argue, regionalism can be critical too, interrogating the local and proximate precisely in order to demonstrate its universality, its connectedness, and its differences with the wider world. However, his writing goes beyond this convenient illusion, this myth: the national mythology is [suburbia] never works.

    As he writes, Holy Land is an argument. As Waldie puts it, Where I live is one of the places where suburban stories were first mass—produced. Bibliography Beuka, Robert.

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    Davis, Mike. City of Quartz. Dead Cities. Ecology of Fear. New York: Metropolitan, Postmodern Geographies. Follow us RSS feed. Newsletters OpenEdition Newsletter.