Matrix-Analytic Methods in Stochastic Models

Energy Efficiency in the Urban Environment is a study of energy crisis, urbanisation, and climate change, as well as a discussion of how to combat these global.

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Glenn E. Relevant to: Bulgaria. Curtis Ed. Quick summary of Russian customs, arranged alphabetically. Elton L. Gary Marvin Davison, Barbara E. Asian Face Reading offers a quick, practical, easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply introduction to the basic principles of face reading. Opinionated, but the author knows China thoroughly, and the book is packed with details.

The author is primarily an expert on China and Japan, but this book really has no rival. Part of a unique series covering Mexico, China and Japan, all by the same author. Opinionated and slightly amateurish but frank, up to date, and right on the mark in many of its observations. My advice: if you want to know about a country, read De Mente first. Relevant to: Ukraine. Fax Somewhat opinionated and judgmental, but the book tells more truth about Mexico than any other in print.

De Mente is always good. Relevant to: Serbia. James Denbow and Phenyo C. Relevant to: India Philip Dew Ed. Philip Dew, Anthony Shoult Ed. Charlotte J. Relevant to: Sweden. Henry F. Dobyns, Paul L. Relevant to: Yemen. Elizabeth C. Dunn investigates these topics through a study of workers and changing management techniques at the Alima-Gerber factory in Rzeszow, Poland, formerly a state-owned enterprise, which was privatized by the Gerber Products Company of Fremont, Michigan.

Relevant to: Poland. Picks up on a lot of things Western observers often miss. Marshall C. Contains some cultural and anthropological information. Relevant to: Saudi Arabia. Relevant to: Belgium. Relevant to: Afghanistan.

In doing so, it reveals the key lessons on what it takes to seize the unique opportunities for personal and professional growth offered by emerging markets. She shares with us those first glimpses into the foreign culture that she would later call her own and spares us neither the pains nor the pleasures of her acculturation process as she comes to create a niche for herself in her new environment, learning the fineties of intercultural negotiation step by step.

Relevant to: Philippines. Nominally a travelog, but a fascinating book that captures the essence of India today. Very highly recommended. Brief history and current state of affairs in each area; good for quick study but slightly dated. Dean W. Max Oettli, Culture Shock Switzerland , 3rd ed. Grant Evans, ed. Relevant to: Laos. Describes new versions of capitalism that East Asian nations have developed to suit their social milieux.

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Patr of Culture and Customs series. Relevant to: Nigeria. Samih K.

From Nyet to Da: Understanding the Russians

Farsoun, Palestine and the Palestinians , 2nd ed. Relevant to: Palestine. Relevant to: Czech Republic. Helen Fedor Ed. Slovenia's transition from a socialist self-managed economy to a social market economy, its approach to Europe, and consequent transformation of its economic institutions. Renee C. Weaving together press stories, observations, and research from economics, law, psychology, and sociology, Frankel draws a disturbing conclusion: Those in positions in trust are less trustworthy and our society is weakened by this trend. Relevant to: Oceania. Relevant to: Bosnia.

Thomas L. Friedman, From Beirut to Jerusalem, 2nd ed. Reads like a novel. Relevant to: Lebanon , Israel , Middle East. Gachechiladze, R. Anthony French ed. Javier A. Martin J. Gannon, Rajnandini Raj K. Gannon is an expert in cross-cultural management who has lived and worked in several countries. Phillip T. Carol E. Relevant to: Slovakia. A bad novel but a fascinating and intimate account of traditional Muslim culture in Egypt, although one must correct for the author's Hindu viewpoint. Relevant to: Austria.

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Final chapter is, "Australians talk about business networking and values. A traditional history.

Relevant to: Africa , Middle East. Janet N. Guanxi lies at the heart of China's social order, its economic structure, and its changing institutional landscape. It is considered important in most every realm of life, from politics to business, and from officialdom to street life. This volume offers the latest scholarly thinking on the subject by top China sociologists whose work on guanxi has been influential and by new scholars offering cutting-edge insights on the topic. Joaquin L. Gonzales, Luis R. David F.

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Good, Ruth Wodak, eds. This anthology is more about the U. Rob Goodfellow, ed. Contributions include: The new order: President Suharto's government and economy in historical perspective; Culture and language: The rich tapestry of Indonesian society; Understanding Islam and business in Indonesia; The Chinese Indonesians and business; An introduction to Indonesian corporate culture; The culture of economic change in Indonesia: From rapid economic growth to the national car policy; Management in Indonesia: A state in transition; Westerners and business in Indonesia: A meeting of two minds; Indonesian business almanac.

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Interesting treatment of household manners. Apparently directed primarily to those who will be guests in a Latin American home, but relevant to anyone living in the region.

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David Hampshire, Living and Working in Canada , 4th ed. David Hampshire, Living and Working in London , 4th ed. Dennis M. Relevant to: Denmark. Relevant to: Morocco. It has become central to political debate with the rise, on one side, of Jean-Marie Le Pen's extreme right-wing party and, on the other, of Islamist terrorism. Hargreaves unmasks the prejudices and misconceptions faced by minorities of Muslim heritage and lays bare the social and political neglect behind the riots of At this writing not yet released. Robert E.