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This book outlines the problem areas with our current software, how to address them, demonstrates tools to facilitate this change and then gives a demonstration of how the process unfolds in a dialogue with a successful practitioner of the process and its improved software. The first section of the book focuses on a systematic approach to working directly on the problems with the current operating system OS and its programs. The process begins by removing our current, outdated OS "I" focused on the "I" and evaluating the success of the removal.

An updated OS "mini-me" less focused on the "I" is then installed from several trusted and reliable sources. Next, the most problematic programs are removed or significantly modified. The second section provides a powerful tool to support this process, seemingly exactly tailored to it, the Ribhu Gita. To progress and to avoid the misery of mistakes, you have to find what is the truth in everything. This is possible only if you develop your intuition.

That is the practical truth of the matter. That is why I am asking you to cultivate and use intuitive power in everything. In your relationships with others, in your business, in your married life, in every part of your life, intuition is essential. By not developing the faculty of intuition, you make wrong decisions, pick up the wrong business associates, and get caught up in wrong personal relationships.

There is always uncertainty in depending only on the material ways of success. But the intuitive way of success is different. Intuitive perception can never be wrong. It comes by an inner sensitivity, a feeling by which you know in advance whether or not you are going to succeed by following your determined course. Many people, lacking intuition, put a lot of money into financial prospects that do not produce anything, and consequently they lose everything.

I have been successful in every decision I have made through intuitive power. It never fails. The scientific man or the businessman or anyone seeking success would accomplish more if he concentrated upon increasing the receptive quality of his brain cells, instead of depending just on books and college work for his progress.

Dancing Beyond Thought: Bhagavad Gita Verses and Dialogues on Awakening

The world starts with books and outside methods, but you should start by increasing the receptivity of your intuition. In you lies the infinite seat of all knowledge. Learn all you can about your goal and the practical steps needed to achieve it. Whether you are investing your money, starting a business, changing your occupation, after you have investigated, compared, and applied your intelligence to the limit, don't rush headlong into it.

When your reason and investigation points to one thing, then meditate and pray to God. In inner silence, ask the Lord if it is all right to go ahead. But if you have an irresistible positive impulse, and you pray and pray and go on praying and this impulse still persists, then go ahead. Your prayer for guidance must be sincere, so that whatever impulse you feel will be from God and not mere reinforcement of your own flawed desire. That is the way I developed the practical application of my intuition.

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Before starting any endeavor, I sit in meditative silence in my room and go on expanding that power in my mind. Then I throw the concentrated light of my mind on what I want to accomplish. Always ask the Father to guide you. If your ego is blind and has a strong voice, it may drown out intuition and mislead you.

But if you seek only to please God by your efforts to do something worthwhile, He will guide your footsteps from error to good. The surest way to liberate the expression of intuition is by meditation, early in the morning and before going to bed at night.


Whenever you want to solve a problem intuitively, first go into deep meditation or silence, as you have been taught in the Lessons. Then concentrate simultaneously at the point between the eyebrows Christ Consciousness Center and the heart. Lastly, ask God to direct your intuition, so that you may know what you should do about your problems. The clear-thinking man should be distinguished from the man who thinks too much Intuition manifests only in calmness; in the undeveloped man, it only occasionally peeps in through the loopholes of leisure periods of the active mind and restless senses.

The clear-thinking individual does not allow intellect to overrule intuition; by his patient calmness, he permits the full play of intuition in guiding him to right determinations.

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To attain a higher state of consciousness and divine perception, it is necessary through meditation to withdraw the mind from its continual restless activity. In that interiorized state, spiritual sensitivity, or intuition, awakens. An advanced Kriya Yogi, who in samadhi meditation has withdrawn his consciousness and life force from the realm of the gross body and senses, enters that inner world of wisdom revelations.

He becomes aware of the seven sacred altars of Spirit in the spine and brain, and receives all knowledge emanating from them.


Thus in tune with truth through intuitive soul-perception, he knows invariably the correct guidance for all aspects of his spiritual and materially dutiful conduct. The goal of yoga science is to calm the mind, that without distortion it may hear the infallible counsel of the Inner Voice. Only when restless thoughts cease can one hear the voice of God communicating through the silence of intuition. If a devotee meditates intensely for at least short periods every day, and has longer periods of three or four hours of deep meditation once or twice a week, he will find his intuition becoming sufficiently superfine to realize unendingly the dialogue of blissful wisdom exchanged between the soul and God.

All bona fide revealed religions of the world are based on intuitive knowledge.

The neuroscience of nondual awakening

Each has an exoteric or outer particularity, and an esoteric or inner core. The exoteric aspect is the public image, and includes moral precepts and a body of doctrines, dogmas, dissertations, rules, and customs to guide the general populace of its followers. There are many things that we neednot know, but the truths embodied in the upanishads and their inspired summary, theBhagavad Gita, must be known by all who would ascend to higher life. So they meritour intent consideration.

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The four levels of understanding During the last week of his earthly life, Jesus was in Jerusalem at the Passoverseason. And of course a third contingencyheard nothing. This is how it is in this world of unreality when Reality impinges on it. According to the level of development, so the encountering individual reacts to theimpingement.

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 18: Conclusion--The Perfection of Renunciation

In Indian philosophy there are a lot of numerical divisions, but one of the mostprevalent is that of four. To list some: there are four ages yugas of human history,there are four modes of consciousness waking, dreaming, dreamless sleep and turiya—consciousness itself , there are four stages of dharmic life student, family, semi-solitary, and monastic , and of course there are four castes shudra, vaishya, kshatriyaand brahmin.

All of these relate to the evolutionary development of the individual asKrishna says: guna and karma and are fundamentally a matter of internal dispositionand capacity. These four levels is it an accident there are four Gospels? Some people heard what was spoken and knew it was the voiceof God; some heard a voice—not the actual words—and thought it was an angelspeaking; some heard an indistinct sound and thought it was thunder; and others nodoubt the majority heard nothing at all.

It is not an event that matters as much as ourcomprehension of it. Yes, that is everything: comprehension. And that takes place only according to ourstate of inner development. Others can only speak of It as wonderfulbeyond their understanding. Others know of Its wonder by hearsay. Hereagain are the four levels of comprehension. We pass from one to another in ascendingsteps only through inner cultivation—in other words, only through meditation, butmeditation supported by a entire way of life that facilitates it—in other words: dharma.

Dancing Beyond Thought Bhagavad Gita Verses And Dialogues On Awakening 2013

For if there is neither the practice nor the support for the practice, little will result inthe way of developing consciousness. And if consciousness is not developed theteachings of the great sages will be little understood by us, and perhaps greatlymisunderstood or just not understood at all.

Sri Ramakrishna told about a certain Unmoving, it moves swifter than thought. The senses do notovertake it, for always it goes before. Remaining still, it outstrips all that run. The principle that the Self is one should set us to thinking about our own presentself-concept and—perhaps even more important—the way we live out our self-concept. Many people think one thing intellectually or at least verbally, for public consumption and think another instinctively.

One: it is complete nonsense. Two: you donot believe a word of it yourself. This is a serious mental and spiritual disorder. Being both fragmented anddispersed in our energies and awareness, rather than operating from a central point oforder, the mirror of our life is shattered into innumerable fragments that cannotconvey any coherent image of our true face. The unity that is the true image isdefaced, effaced, and even erased—as far as our consciousness is concerned, eventhough our true nature can never be altered in any manner.

Struggling and submergedin the illusion of multiplicity, the truth of our unity is far from us. For we are not justone numerically, we are absolutely one in nature. This is an eternal truth that must beregained by us. How to do so? This is not somekoan-like platitude meant to faze our mind in relation to Self-knowledge; it is simple The Self, the spirit, is completely outside of time and space which are illusions,anyway , yet it can scan time and space, moving backward and forward simply becauseof the fact that it is one.

The Self is truly Whole and therefore all-embracing. Itmoves swifter than thought, because a thought requires a time—however small—to ariseor be expressed. The Self, in contrast, exists only in the Now.