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Both would need a lot more than 16KB to fit it in. This isn't to say that it can't be done, or wouldn't be an interesting project, but rather that quite a bit of expansion ROM would be required, i. Howdy, we'd LOVE to have some help on this project. Basically you need to be able to do at least one of: a write code; b read disassembled code for marking up similarities with the original ROMs; c write test cases could be in C using CC65, or in assembly, as well as in BASIC for that part of things ; d run regular regression tests; e herd other volunteers to help with such things; f other things I am sure to have forgotten, like writing documentation ; As for wedging in a small DOS wedge, I don't see why not.

One of the great things of the approach that I have taken with building the code from lots of little files, is it is much easier to swap out one or more for ones that have extra features, such as a DOS wedge. Thus a bit of creativity will be required to implement it, but with the full source to the ROM obviously available, it won't be hard to hook it directly in where it should go. I'm happy to provide pointers on how to do this, if someone is willing to do the work. Yep, i can at least write tests and run regressions.

Oh and I'd probably have to document things here and there. Sorry for only spotting this comment today. If you are not already contributing, please do. These ROM images are from prototype units. The date on boot up is The ROM date at the beginning is Version number: V0. The character sets are the same as in the ROM. This must have been in a firmware developer's machine. Based on Written by William Levak. It seems to be a modified Basic 4. Slightly different mapping than in the ROM.

C64 Assembly Game Disassembly

This ROM has upper case characters where the characters-2 has lower case and characters-1 has lower case where characters-2 has upper case. Gray editbHz. The chip is dated There are some differences from the other archived copies of the ROM. Which one is correct? Further information is unavailable at the moment.

Your place with high quality scans for preservation.

A running in 80 columns with and normal keyboard, etc. This is part of a bigger set. See romc A combination of and It further contains the logic equations, the program to derive the logic equations and some explanations. Based off editbHz. The computer has a built-in RSC interface and many built-in programming languages.

The Complete Commodore 64 ROM Disassembly

Includes ROM images, pdf docs. Basic Expand-a Uploaded by: guettich t-online. Provided by Christian. Unknown author. Also a byte short, and untested. This rom appears short, and is untested. If you have another copy, please upload it. Alsoa byte short, and untested. Tested and working, but a byte short.

It contains 40 additional commands such as assembler and disassembler and supports comfortable printer output. What is this? Dumped by MagerValp cling. Also 1 byte short, and untested. Activated by SYS Includes the pdf manual. Might be a Calc Result rom, as it has been confirmed to allow that software to run. It is used for version 4 and 5 of Wordpro.

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Version 3 did not require a ROM. Truncated and untested. The drive is connected to the expansion port via the TCBM interface triple interface adapter chip. index

German language. The part number is unknown, but this should be the newer of the two usual versions. PAL-G version, revision 3. PAL-G version, revision 4.

PAL-G version, revision 5. NTSC-M version, revision 4. NTSC-M version, revision 5 kernal. NTSC-M version, revision 5.

Source codes

NTSC-M version, revision 1. Uploaded by Bo Zimmerman bo zimmers. Probably not the first revision. Intended for PAL-B systems. Probably the last revision.